If you would rather transport your BannerBug 33 Original in a bag than the BannerBug Handle Box, we have one for you. The BannerBug 33 Original Bag is a durable, nylon carrying bag with handle and shoulder strap.

The BannerBug 33 Original Carrying Bag is made in Turkey, not the the USA! So if your client wants 100% Made in USA, choose the BannerBug 33 Handle Box which is a 100% Made in USA product like BannerBug.

⚠️ Please Note: The BannerBug 33 Original Bag is only for the BannerBug 33 Original Banner Stand and does not work with the BannerBug 33 SWAP model (which has its own carrying bag)

⚠️ Sage Advice: Your client should NEVER ship the BannerBug 33 Original Bag without a box. It will arrive in a shipping box that you can use for future shipments.

  • Made in USA!
  • Unconditional lifetime warranty

• Dimensions: 34 1/2" x 10" x 4 1/2", 38" x 12" x 5" in Shipping Box

• Weight: 1 Pound, 2 Pounds in Shipping Box

• SKU: BAG-33-R


$36.00 NET ($60 MSRP) any quantity (no quantity discounts available)