Replacement 33" Tube (cartridge) Kit for a BannerBug 33 SWAP Banner Stand. This kit includes everything a BannerBug Dealer needs to provide a complete replacement banner cartridge system for a BannerBug 33 SWAP Banner Stand except the banner. This kit includes: 

  • SWAP Tube Cartridge
  • Lead Sheet with OEM Hook & Loop Velcro attached
  • Header Rail Kit (Includes OEM Hook & Loop Velcro Strip)

Note: You can also replace the banner in an existing SWAP Tube (you don't have to purchase the SWAP TUBE KIT). Only purchase this SWAP Tube Kit for a COMPLETE replacement cartridge/banner system.

  • Made in USA!
  • Unconditional lifetime warranty

• Dimensions: 34" x 3" x 3", Shipping Box: 37" x 5" x 5".

• Weight: 4 Pounds, 5.3 pounds in Shipping Box



BannerBug 33 Floor Model Banner Art Template

BannerBug 33 Table Top Banner Art Template


$69.00 NET ($115.00 MSRP) any quantity (no quantity discounts available)